About Us

Engstrom Trading, LLC is a consulting and importer/distributor for products and solutions from the Nordic Countries.  Many great products and services are being developed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Entering the US market can be a daunting and costly process.  We offer an affordable and custom-tailored partnership that fits the company and product/service needs.  Whether we serve as a broker, consultant or distributor depends on your needs.  We speak both English and Swedish fluently.  To read more about the services that we provide, visit our Services page.

Why Texas?
Engstrom Trading is located in Dallas, Texas.  Home of US headquarters for Nordic companies such as Ericsson and Nokia.

Dallas is ranked 5th in the US for large corporate headquarters.  Not to mention, it is the third most popular business travel destination in the US.

  • Close proximity to Houston, home to the second largest freight harbor.
  • Via truck, 98% of the population can be reached within 48 hours.
  • Via air, 95% of the population can be reached within 4 hours.
  • Dallas Metro has the lowest distribution cost to the top 50 U.S. consumer markets of any major U.S. logistics center.
  • Dallas warehouse net rental rates are among the lowest in the nation

Our Goal
To offer a gateway into the US market for innovative and groundbreaking products and solution in an effective and streamlined way.

Community Involvement
Engstrom Trading is a member of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Texas. For more information please visit www.sacctx.com