Quickbox Scoop Bin Features

Quickbox Scoop bin by Akriform for Pick & Mix bulk candyQuickbox Scoop bin by Akriform for Pick & Mix bulk candy

The Quickbox scoop bin system provides; space utilization, stock rotation, easy use and merchandising appeal. This innovative scoop bin includes new-to-market features such as; sugar tray, slow-closing lid, angled front, contour design, slide-out feature and first-in-first-out product rotation.

The Quickbox Scoop Bin New-to-Market Features

Sugar Tray – Collects all sugar, salt, and crumbles. Keeps the bin fresh and clean. Self-Closing Lid – Slow, quite, self-closing lid makes it easy for the customer to shop and keeps the products fresh.


Divider – Allows for easy integration of the bins to create smaller space for lower frequency bulk products. Rigged Walls and Contour Design – Leaves no dead spots and keeps products from collecting in corners and creases. Rigged walls keeps the bulk products from sticking to the bin’s wall.


Angled Front - Eliminates layers of build up. The stylish design angles towards the centered sugar tray. Unique Pull-out system with back hook - Allows each individual bin to securely slide out from the display. The top lid stays open during refill. The bin can be individually refilled.