Engstrom Trading works with you to determine the best strategy for you to enter into the US market. We can offer consulting, brokerage and distribution services that fit your company needs. We speak both English and Swedish fluently. If you need help translating and adapting your marketing material to fit the US market – we can help!

 Market Research- Extensive preparation is key to approach the US market. We can provide extensive market research to build your marketing plan. Legal- We can provide project management for all needed legal matters. We work with several law firms who specializing in various disciplines of law.
 Warehousing- Engstrom Trading can provide warehousing for your products locally in Texas and connect you with distribution centers across the US. Logistics- Importing, shipping, drop-shipping, etc. We can provide all needed logistics to get you going in the US.
 Sales- We provide a sales force and work with an extensive network of brokers and distributors across North America. Marketing/Strategy- Engstrom Trading can provide and execute extensive marketing plans needed to get your product and service launched in the market.
 Trade Shows- Trade shows are a great starting point for new products and solutions. We have extensive experience in successful trade shows and expos. We can help you choose the trade show that will yield better results,  negotiate a better space, build the booth and work your booth.  Assembly- Engstrom Trading can assemble your product once it reaches North America. We work closely with fulfillment companies that can handle large assembly inquires on short notice.